Why Are WordPress Magazine Themes So Much Popular?

Summary – WordPress is becoming very popular used by web developers for more than the blogging platform that it was originally planned.  Read this article to understand why WordPress magazine themes have moved up in demand.

WordPress magazine themes

WordPress is becoming very popular used by web developers for more than the blogging platform that it was originally planned.  As with other successful content management system, WordPress creates a backend for your site, making tasks such as posting new content, and managing a site broad theme much easier. WordPress was started as a pure blogging platform, designed to publish posts in a reverse chronological order, with most themes posting the latest post first. In more recent times we are starting to see themes that are intended to be used for a newspaper or magazine type website. These themes give developers additional flexibility about how content is displayed. Read this article to understand why WordPress magazine themes have moved up in demand.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system practiced by bloggers since its first release in May 2003. WordPress is open-source and is powered by PHP and has a SQL database backend. Later in 2009, it was estimated that more than 202 million users had used WordPress word wide. This content management system is used by users, a free self-hosted service, and is also given from and an open platform for web developers.

Advantages of using WordPress

The major benefits of WordPress are very evident. As with any content management system, site-wide management becomes much extra manageable when compared to static HTML websites. As the development of the platform has become so widespread, there are thousands of free and premium themes for users to use. There are also many plugins and widgets available to offer functionality to the content management system and offer easy feature additions to the site. Adding features such as search boxes, tag clouds, category and post listings becomes a simple drop and drag activity. This makes WordPress an easy to use the platform.

WordPress themes

A WordPress theme is classified into several files, typically comprising header, index, 404, function, sidebar, page, search, single and footer files. The style is added to themes using Cascading Style Sheets, so all themes also come with a style.css file. Themes apply PHP quick tags to add WordPress functionally, and formatting is added as div tags, normal in any CSS site.

Why are WordPress Magazine themes so much popular?

With the initiation of WordPress magazine themes, developers now have the capability to extend WordPress well beyond just a blogging platform. Bootstrap magazine layout can be manipulated to display content from different categories in various forms within pages. Excerpts are generally used, and thumbnails and homepage features are standard. This extra functionally in themes provides developers with a greater range of options in how the variety can be utilized, and as content can be displayed in a range of different ways, it makes the platform more appropriate for various purposes other than blogging, which is necessary for wider adoption of the platform. Web sites that need a static front end, or to display a range of content other than the most recent post, now can quickly take benefit of WordPress. As blogging has restricted real world appeal, this added versatility means that WordPress now interests to a much wider target audience, and as a consequence is growing in popularity.

Hope this article would have helped you in understanding why WordPress magazine themes have become so popular and demanding. Check out our other articles to know more about WordPress magazine themes and Bootstrap magazine layout.

Give your website an impressive optimization

Summary– if you are hosting a website make sure that it fulfill its main aim by getting popular among a mass number of Internet users. SEO is a method of making your blog visible on Google.


There are millions of website on the Internet which is dedicated to the advertisement of their products and the service. The question is how to make your site search engine friendly so that you get lots of traffic on your website. The best solution is to optimize your blog or website to make it popular on Google or other search engines. You can use the SEO Friendly WordPress Theme to spread your blog among the larger online audience. Themes that support the search engine optimization feature are mostly paid ones. It is advised to go for SEO or Bootstrap WordPress themes to give a professional look to your site. Moreover, a viewer will take your products and services more seriously if your website is highly optimized.

SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

Importance of SEO themes for websites

  • SEO themes are getting popular among blogs and websites because every host wants to get popular on the Internet. And if one is trying to advertise their business SEO is a must for that respective site.
  • The main of any service based website is to become more visible on the search engines, and optimization of the site is the best technique to do so.
  • Paid themes that provide SEO feature guarantees better ROI in compare to other sites. If you take an expert advice for advertising your blog or website, it is certain that they will suggest you opt for SEO friendly WordPress Themes.

Above-mentioned factors indicate the importance of site optimization for spreading your ambitious services to a larger audience. But you should consider selecting only those themes which are attractive along with SEO- friendly.

At InkHive you can get a huge list of themes that support SEO. The themes provided by us are innovative and effective. We guarantee that your site will perform multiple times more better after implementing our SEO friendly WordPress themes.

Top 5 SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

Summary – An SEO friendly WordPress theme improves your website ranking on different search engines. Read to know some of the well-known SEO friendly WordPress themes which you can consider for your next online business.


When selecting a WordPress theme, most of the business owners look for a responsive, multipurpose or a minimalistic theme which can fulfill their business needs and can also make their entire task simpler at the same time.

However, most of them do not consider searching for an SEO friendly WordPress theme and hence makes a lot of effort to improve their search engine rankings. An SEO friendly WordPress theme not only improves your website ranking on different search engines, but also fulfills other SEO requirement needed to promote your business online.

Here, we have brought some of the well-known SEO friendly WordPress themes which you can consider for your next online business. Read out to learn more!


A Schema is a well-known WordPress theme for its ultra SEO friendly and fastest loading features. These features, together, make Schema a very popular and demanding SEO friendly WordPress theme. Schema comes with the latest SEO technique and light weight code which makes your website faster and helps to rank higher in search engines.


Bridge is a multipurpose SEO friendly WordPress theme built on a very flexible and powerful framework by QODE. Bridge enables the user to add meta keywords and meta description to each post and page to enhance the SEO. The Bridge comes with 100 hundred amazing and unique demons with 24 layout concepts which enable the user to do limitless customization.


Invert is a fully responsive, creative and SEO friendly WordPress theme best suited to create a multipurpose business site or a corporate agency. Invert comes with stunning features and elegant layout with richly configured SEO. If you are planning to create a business website, Invert would be the best option recommended to you.


Advertica sums up to a beautiful, responsive and SEO friendly WordPress theme with an exemplary layout and stunning features. What makes Advertica a great option is the tons of simple customizing options. It is well suited for socializing as it is comprised of several social media widgets.


The newspaper is counted as the most powerful and most selling news theme till now. It is one of the most incredible SEO friendly news/magazine/blog WordPress themes that you can ever get. Newspaper comes with 20 unique designs and unlimited customizing options making it most widely preferred WordPress theme. One of the key features – Newspaper is Google Adsense Optimized.